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Written by obat perangsang on 27. Mar, 2017
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Written by Glenn. on 17. Oct, 2016
Your music is just great! Such terrific variety... moods... and artists.
Keep up the good work! yeah!!!!!!!!!
Written by Maureen Mobbs on 11. Jun, 2016
Love those memories!! Music has written the story of my life. Grew up listening to Mum and Dad's favourites. Wartime stuff too - I was born in 1941. Great to hear no ads - just non-stop nostalgia. You deserve more visitors to your site.(By the way, the Orewa Hospice shop, plays your music all the time)
Written by Jimbo and Pat bere on 30. May, 2014
Great sounds Paul Napier Good to hear them 12000 miles away in the old UK How about some John Barry remember listening to Thunderball album at my house in Lancing sussex Lancville radio remember Blast from the past Keep playing those good vibrations good buddy
Written by Ray on 13. Jan, 2013
We are here in Silverdale for a couple of weeks holiday and what a revelation when by chance we discovered your FM station.
The music is just what we enjoy, a good eclectic blend. Keep up the good work.
We have a similar station, Radio Ferrymead (AM), at home in Christchurch but it only operates over the four days of the weekend.
Written by Cala on 16. Aug, 2012
Thank you for this wonderful music. It's so refreshing after the predicable repeats on other stations.
Written by M. on 7. Mar, 2012
I'm so over the 60s & 70s. Been there, got the T shirt. I like the other stuff and album tracks.
Written by Tina on 13. Feb, 2012
True George. And, nobody speaking at 100 miles an hour!
Written by George on 6. Feb, 2012
Thanks for the variety from 60’s, 70’s plus. Those musical decades were much more than a group of guys with guitars! It’s great to hear the big bands, the orchestras, the bossa novas, even the selection of light jazz!
Marie & George

Latest comments

26.11 | 17:47

We found this great station at 106.7 - not much station ID - but we're in Pt. Chev, so this must be Reef Radio! Thanks!!!!

25.11 | 17:09

Hiya folks,Betty and I l o v e your station and listen to your station at home and in our cars.Can't get enough of it!We are just round the corner from you.

14.10 | 21:18

Hi folks,
Love your music but confused .
I am in Huapai and receive 106.7 although ident at the hour says it is West Fm on 88.1 ?

02.08 | 14:51

Thanks for comment. As Maygrove have yet to approve streaming it is not yet possible but is an end goal. Fixed broken link but is only to their page.