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For it is Christmas 2015
Season’s Greetings from Unforgettable Music
Another year older----------
There’s something magical about Christmas, that no other time of the year has.
⦁ At a time when there is so much turmoil in the world, it is good to have a
time when we remember there is HOPE. Christmas should be a time of Joy and families. It is a time to remember the simple things in life and a time for sharing.
⦁ But It is also a time to remember those wonderful volunteers who give
Their time willingly:- Some organising, cooking and serving dinners for many lonely people so they can share in the festivities of Christmas. Those lifeguards patrolling our beaches to keep our people safe. Some vigilantly with an ear to a phone ready to act when an emergency happens, be it fire, ambulance, police or hospital.
⦁ We are so very privileged to live in such a wonderful country. We have
have fresh air, sunshine, water, free hospitals and abundant support as we grow older. We are a lucky generation with so much to be thankful for.
So with all the rush going on around us at Christmas, when things seem to get really hectic, just stop and remember how lucky we all are and to be living in here in New Zealand and blessed with so much around us.
⦁ AND at Unforgettable Music too, we have some wonderful
volunteers, with an aim of preserving and broadcasting the best music of all time to YOU
⦁ There are 365 days (8760 hours) in each year.
But did you know that on those 365 days our dedicated team of around 12 DJs, broadcast Unforgettable Music! On low-powered FM, each one brings their slightly different format to you, but all are UNFORGETTABLE MUSIC!
⦁ And did you know there are over 5000 tunes in the unforgettable
music collection. These tunes have been lovingly collected restored and documented by our wonderful Unforgettable Music team. Many of these tunes found their way into our collection from the generosity of the late Alex Farkash. His collection was huge!
⦁ And did you know there are at least 8 different genres of music
played on the Unforgettable Music stations. These include, light jazz, swing, rhythm and blues, big band, show-time, lounge, country and last but not least the popular hits of “our” day --- the music of the 40s into the 70s.
⦁ And did you know there are at 3 technicians who regularly check,
fix and service these low-powered stations.
⦁ And did you know that Unforgettable Music has been broadcasting
on air since 1997, though, initially for a few short hours. In October 1997, Ray Mankelow started it all off, since then it has been through many highs and lows BUT it has survived and grown into what it is today.
Unforgettable Music plays the music through your years – the music that has really stood the test of time. It only takes one little tune to rekindle those special moments we will always hold dear; whether it brings a tear of joy, a memory of a loving word spoken, or just a time to reminisce. Music can hold a key to turn back time.
⦁ We are all so grateful to these dedicated folk who hold it all together
A BIG “thank you” to them. They keep broadcasting your favourite music day and night! So much it done behind the scenes that we the average listener, take for granted. Also thank you to David Crozier for helping us out with our AGM venue.
There is our founder and Chairman Ray Mankelow, our constant fixer of all things Jim Wolf, our young Ayden Wolf who has been with us since we started and has streamlined so many programmes and our man Doug Edgar who knows an awful lot about aerials and radios. And the rest of our team of operators, including Diana, in Papatoetoe, Jim in Henderson, Eric in Point Chevalier, David in Blockhouse Bay and Jim in Wanaka, Peter in Taupo, David in New Lynn and Don & Dave in Taumaranui, Selwyn in Leigh and others.
⦁ It was a sad “au revoir” to one of our presenters, as some of you know
especially, listeners from Helensville and Orewa, our good friend Paul Napier left us for the UK, probably permanently. We are all going to miss him for the great work he did and achieved! Paul’s session included numbers put together by staunch jazzman, Errol Baker. Errol now is with us no more. Errol had very much been part of our lives in the early days. These folks are not forgotten.
⦁ And finally a BIG Thank you for your continued support.
And if you know of someone who would enjoy this unforgettable music just pass the good news on. Nothing works quite so well as “word of mouth”.
Merry Christmas from all of us at Unforgettable Music!

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26.11 | 17:47

We found this great station at 106.7 - not much station ID - but we're in Pt. Chev, so this must be Reef Radio! Thanks!!!!

25.11 | 17:09

Hiya folks,Betty and I l o v e your station and listen to your station at home and in our cars.Can't get enough of it!We are just round the corner from you.

14.10 | 21:18

Hi folks,
Love your music but confused .
I am in Huapai and receive 106.7 although ident at the hour says it is West Fm on 88.1 ?

02.08 | 14:51

Thanks for comment. As Maygrove have yet to approve streaming it is not yet possible but is an end goal. Fixed broken link but is only to their page.

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