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Firstly, this Site Belongs to Holiday Fm (see Tab Left) but I would like to dedicate these first few pages to Unforgettable music as without the society, most of, if not all of the below Radio Auckland stations along with a number of stations in other districts possibly would not exist today.  
It all began in 1997 when TodayFM closed and listeners vent their frustrations and anger on announcers and managers alike. With little more than a dream Former announcers Ray Mankelow and Errol Baker held a meeting in the grounds of the Auckland domain attended by some hundreds of people and the Unforgettable Music Society was formed. 
With funds from trusts and the help of a dedicated team of supporters Ray and Errol acquired time on 1593AM with the goal of Government providing an Auckland wide frequency for seniors. That goal has not yet been fulfilled and 1593AM transmission had to close, but since then the govenment (after submissions from us and others) legislated for Low power transmissions. 

A number of our members of the society have taken up this hobby at their own cost and share their music with the community, along with pooling of resources and non financial support from the Society. For those who want a deeper insight about our history, click onto our History Pages or Ray’s blog                                      > www.unforgettablemusic.blogspot.com
Our playlists include music from the 40's to present day. Ie: Ella to Elvis, Doris Day, Sinatra, Bennett and so much more. 
Each affiliated station has their own scheduled programme that includes 40's, to 70's and a little either side plus Lounge, Latin and Jazz.
Station managers/owners generally have to cover all the Financial costs or seek sponsorship, but with limited range on low power, little is forthcoming. 
Station Managers are free to join me for a page on this website as they choose and if you think you can help please feel free to contact them or the Unforgettable Music Society. 
To Listen in your area choose the Low powered FM station nearest to you. 
To improve your reception, extend the aerial on your FM radio >
Blockhouse Bay      106.9 (Bay Radio) 
Glendene               107.5 (Radio 2000) 
Glen Eden              107.7 (Nostalgia Radio)
Henderson             106.9 (Radio 24)
Hobsonville            88.3   (http://westfmradio.com/)
Riverhead              88.1  (Beacon Hill)
Huapai                  106.7 ( Kumeu FM)                         
M assey                 107.1 (Massey Metro)   
Oratia                  106.9 (RadioOratia)
PapatoetoeSouth 107.7 (South Side) 
Papatoetoe         106.7  (Unforgettable Music)   
Point Chevalier    106.7 (Reef Radio)
Lynfield                88.1 (Roskill Radio)
Unsworth Heights  107.4 (Radio Wairau)
White Swan Heights  107.3 (Swing Radio)
Wairau Valley         106.9 (Radio Wairau)

Plus a growing list of stations outside Auckland .
Leigh FM 87.8 > Orewa 106.8 > Helensville 106.8 > > Taupo 106.4 (http://timelesstaupo.co.nz/) 
Te Aroha 107.0 
Taumaranui>107.0-Uptown & 107.7-Downtown (www.radiohikurangi.co.nr)

And now you can listen on the Internet and to our friends in the UK. 

"When the music plays, nothing else matters"

Unforgettable Music Club was formed in 1997 to promote the music of the mid 20th century. It is now known as The Unforgettable Music Society Inc'.
The music we play has significant differences to that heard on present stations. Mainstream radio has been reported as banal. We play from a library of 22,000 tracks (Most stations have only a small fraction of this figure)

We believe that a great percentage of ‘radio’ listeners are of the generation that grew up with it.
More & more of the younger group are now turning toward other electronic devices for personal entertainment. 
That makes competition between mainstream radio stations extremely competitive and yet, there are very few stations marketing toward the ‘senior’ set.

   Strange thinking as the advancing age of the Western population means the psychographics of adults 50+ are very attractive – while they represent just 25% of our population, they rank #1 in 50% of discretionary income and this senior group hold 76% of New Zealand’s wealth.

If you wish to become a member or would like more information about the Society,
please express your interest via email to the UMSI.


and I will forward on to the Secretary.


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Denis and Janet | Reply 26.11.2017 17.47

We found this great station at 106.7 - not much station ID - but we're in Pt. Chev, so this must be Reef Radio! Thanks!!!!

Harold Nicholson | Reply 14.10.2017 21.18

Hi folks,
Love your music but confused .
I am in Huapai and receive 106.7 although ident at the hour says it is West Fm on 88.1 ?

Jim | Reply 02.08.2017 14.39

Thanks for comment. As Maygrove have yet to allow us Internet access steaming can not happen but we will re seek it. We are working towards this as an end goal

belinda | Reply 26.07.2017 14.42

Is any one in Kumeu who knows how to get 106.7? is it called unforgettable? we can't get it inside but can in the car?

Harold | Reply 14.07.2017 17.14

Also discovered these stations by accident. Manage to get Kumeu in the car ( but not the house) and Hobsonville when driving by. Keep up the good work chaps

Ken | Reply 22.05.2017 21.10

Found this station 107.3 by auto tuning, plays the easy listening and jazz music that I can listen for hours on end and the radio reception quality is excellent

Sally lewis | Reply 25.06.2016 16.21

Thank goodness I have found you as my lovely coast station has shifted to music that isn't easy listening. Thank you excellent music

Gordon | Reply 29.01.2016 14.34

Hi how can you improve reception in te aroha it is too close to the other stations which drown it out. thanks Gordon


Jim 29.01.2016 15.19

Hi Gordon.
We are Running at max power permitted under the regulations. Please Talk to Roger at Shackell Electrical TeAroha as he may have leeway to move things

Julie machen | Reply 26.09.2015 17.26

What was that French singers name and song name you played just before 3pm today?
Love your playlists! Awesome

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26.11 | 17:47

We found this great station at 106.7 - not much station ID - but we're in Pt. Chev, so this must be Reef Radio! Thanks!!!!

25.11 | 17:09

Hiya folks,Betty and I l o v e your station and listen to your station at home and in our cars.Can't get enough of it!We are just round the corner from you.

14.10 | 21:18

Hi folks,
Love your music but confused .
I am in Huapai and receive 106.7 although ident at the hour says it is West Fm on 88.1 ?

02.08 | 14:51

Thanks for comment. As Maygrove have yet to approve streaming it is not yet possible but is an end goal. Fixed broken link but is only to their page.

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